Journey with us in this enriching episode as we delve into the unique RV story of Justin and Jess from Uprooted Travelers. Their route to full-time RV life is unlike any other, and their perspective is sure to leave you inspired.


  • Unconventional Beginnings: Learn about their decision to venture part-time traveling and blogging while juggling their regular day jobs.
  • Monetizing Passion: Dive deep into how a blog, started as a sideline and blossomed into a full-time income generator amidst the global pandemic.
  • Corporate to Culture: Jess’s transition from a lawyer at Amazon to embracing varied global cultures is as intriguing as it sounds.
  • RV vs. Hotel: Understand the stark differences, pros, and cons of choosing a life on wheels over standardized hotel rooms.
  • Budgeting and Beyond: The couple shares wisdom on traveling cost-effectively, the moments worth splurging on, and immersing in different cultures authentically.
  • The Uprooted Mantra: Embrace their philosophy – “You set your own limitations.”

Whether you’re a seasoned RVer, contemplating a switch to RV Life or Van Life, or are simply intrigued by transformative travel tales, this episode offers a unique blend of corporate insights and nomadic narratives.”

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