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Full Time RV Life

The RV lifestyle is a fun, exciting and exhilarating lifestyle, one that thousands of people dream about. But, the learning curve is steep, and without someone to help you along the way, can be confusing, expensive, and overwhelming. Fortunately, there is RVDreaming.tv, an online training academy designed to get you on the road quickly and safely!

Learn From Those Who Have Come Before

RVDreaming.tv is a hands-on series of videos and workshops, taught by other RV’ers, just like you.  We are all full-time travelers, living in our rigs, traveling with our families, partners, or as solos.  We have our dogs, our cats, our birds, and reptiles.  All our sessions are from active RV travelers; no salespeople or outside influence.  A real RV’ers manual, for RV’ers, by RV’ers.

For RV'ers, by RV'ers

Hours of videos, training, and insider secrets

How-To's, Tips and Trick's, and Instructional Aides

Finding Remote Work and Working From The Road

Live events and streams with others just like you

New Content Added Regularly!

Much, Much More!

Over 6 Years of Content

Over 50 Different Presenters

More than 200 different videos

Over 400 Total Hours Of Videos

Over 8,000 Attendees

Your Membership in RVDreaming.tv

RVDreaming membership is the most comprehensive, hands-on training for new and hopeful RVers.  It is built on community, where you can meet people just like you, online, or in-person.

All our videos are organized by categories, so they are easy to find.  Watch on any device, start on your tablet and finish on your desktop, pick up right where you left off.  These are just a few of our multiple categories of videos.

Boondocking Tips

This is perhaps the most popular and most asked question we get…  How can I boondock?  All your questions are answered!

Finding Remote Work

Earning a living from the road is easier than you might think.  And, you don’t need to be a computer whiz to get hired.  There are many remote work opportunities, from starting your own business to being a campground host, and more.  We talk extensively about making money from the road, from remote work, internet connectivity, and everything else you need.

In The Planning Process

There is a section just for those who are getting ready to buy their first rig and go RVing.  So many questions, from what do I do with my home, to what is the best rig for me?  If you are just exploring and getting ready to start, we have videos just for you.

Food and Cooking

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t make big meals!  Check out these tips from our cooking pros on how to make the most out of your RV Kitchen.

Staying Fit On The Road

No Gym?  No problem!  We have great videos on ways to stay fit and healthy while traveling the country.

Much, Much More!

These are just some of the many categories found in RVDreaming.tv’s catalog.  We are working at adding more videos each and every month!

About Us

With roots going back to 2018, RVDreaming.tv started out as Full-Time Freedom Week, an online virtual summit designed by RV’ers, for new RV’ers, to share their experiences and help educate the next generation of RV’ers.  

For five years, Full-Time Freedom Week hosted annual events, both virtual and in person.  In 2021, the founders decided it was time to move on to their next venture and Stuart from ClaimTheVision.com stepped in to take over.

Stuart went through all of the video archives and brought them back in this full-featured, on-demand service called RVDreaming.tv.  In addition, he continues to host annual summits and adds new content to this channel regularly.  

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What is Full-Time Freedom Week?

RVDreaming.tv was born out of Full-Time Freedom Week.  In 2018, four full-time travelers got together and started producing week-long virtual summits, teaching how to start RV’ing full time.  In 2021, Full-Time Freedom Week was purchased, and the entire video library was put online, and that is how RVDreaming.tv was started.  With hundreds of hours of content by many different creators, the information and knowledge that was contained in the previous sessions are now available to all RVDreaming.tv subscribers.  And, we continue to host Full-Time Freedom Week each year, and add new content to RVDreaming.tv regularly.

How Can I Access The Videos?

You can access all of the videos immediately when you signup.  Watch from any device with Internet access, including your desktop or laptop computer, tablet, or phone.  Start on one device and pick up on another device.  

Who Are The Presenters?

All of the presenters are RVers themselves, many full-time RVers.  They are people you may have seen on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and other social media platforms.  They are contributing their knowledge to Full-Time Freedom Week and RVDreaming because of their dedication to helping people learn how to quickly and safely start their RV Adventures.  All of the content presented is unique to RVDreaming.tv, there is no recycled material that is publically available as part of our video catalog.

How Can I Cancel My Membership?

You can simply and easily cancel your membership anytime from your online dashboard.  We believe easily subscribing and unsubscribing should not be a difficult task.  No need to call in to cancel, when you are ready, simply cancel from your online dashboard and enjoy content until your subscription is up.

How Often Do You Add New Content?

We work to add new content on a weekly and monthly basis.  Twice a year, we host Full-Time Freedom Week and as part of your membership, you will automatically get access to all of these videos as they are released.  In addition, you will have access. to brand new content when they are released.